Graphic Design

It isn't all about looks!

Design is so much more than simply how something looks. A lot of work goes into the aesthetics to bring out the feeling you get, or the memory that pops into your head! This subtle yet very important interaction a user has when looking at your design is something unnoticed. However it really impacts how successful your business can be.

Created With the Best

Tools of the Trade

Our designers are experienced and use professional tools to create striking designs , illustrations and graphics for projects large and small. These include..

Company logo & Graphic design in melbourne

Our team is a creative bunch, who use the latest technology and software. We design custom illustrations for our clients using a range of methods from pencil sketches to digital techniques. Our graphic designers are multi-talented and can come up with ideas at the swish of a finger. Our process is plain and simple offering you the design of your dreams. 


We build a creative brief with you to get an idea of what style and colour scheme that will help guide us through the project successfully and deliver exceptional designs. Starting off with mock-ups, we build the ultimate pack that you dream of. We understand what your business needs. 

Reach the Passionate Graphic Design Company In Your City

Great design may be a powerful tool in helping you expand and succeed in business. Regardless of the size of the project, we will provide you with the creative edge you need for print and digital media. We are an enthusiastic graphic design company that can’t wait to take your ideas and make something beautiful and useful. For a long time, we have been exploring what it takes to establish a name in visual design. Great outcomes are guaranteed whether you want us to work with your existing branding or develop a new visual identity from scratch.

Redesigning Your Brand Image Customer Ready

Building brand loyalty requires a professional and trustworthy image, which can be achieved by maintaining brand cohesion across all customer touchpoints. We’ll polish your picture so that it shines in every promotional medium.

  • Corporate Stationery

Business cards are still an effective way to make a lasting first impression and disseminate contact information, even in this digital age.

  • Other Print Materials

Branded letterheads to inspire confidence and direct mail to win over new clients are just two examples of the usefulness of printed materials in the modern business world.

  • Promotional Materials

Branded signage is an effective tool for doing so in various contexts, from stores to offices.

  • Digital Contents & Social Media

Maintain cohesion in your online persona with branded social media assets like symbols, header images, and graphic design templates.

  • Document Design

Customers and internal stakeholders will appreciate the uniform and polished look of documents created from branded templates.

Created With the Best

Tools of the Trade

Our designers are experienced and use professional tools to create striking designs , illustrations and graphics for projects large and small. These include..

Why Choose Solution 22 as a Graphic Design Agency?

You should choose us because:

  • Expert account managers

Your account manager at our graphic design agency will be available for updates and regular meetings.

  • Several Graphic Designers

As more people look at your design, more possibilities will become apparent.

  • Tailored to Perfections

Differentiate yourself from the competition with custom, cutting-edge layouts that accurately portray the spirit and values of your company.

  • Transparent Communication

Our graphic design company promises to keep you informed at all times with work progression, charges and customer support.

Our in-house designers are skilled with timely, high-quality work. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon both our firm as a whole and each of our designers. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of our services you fulfil your brand’s exclusive graphic design needs.