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Solution 22 is an effective PPC agency with the right strategies which once implemented can provide fruitful results in a limited time. To guarantee that all of your advertising dollars are put to good use, we provide expert campaign setup and continuous optimization services.

Data-driven pay-per-click advertising is Solution 22’s forte. Employing the best PPC agency gives you access to digital marketing expertise.

Our Paid Search Strategy

The paid search advertising methods used by Solution22 have been fine-tuned throughout the years by a team of worldwide professionals. See how we’ve helped global leaders in health and financial technology with our campaign implementation.

  • Step 1: Account Audit

To learn what has worked for you in the past and where there may be room for improvement, we perform a comprehensive audit of your current paid media accounts. Our PPC ad agency will create an account for you if you still need one.

  • Step 2: Set Up

Information gleaned from the account audit is used for further investigation, analysis, and prediction. We’ll create targeted ad copy, implement your campaign’s goals, and monitor its success to ensure we stay within your budget.

  • Step 3: Monitoring

We start tracking stats as soon as the campaign goes live. This aids in our comprehension of your target demographic and their online habits while revealing stumbling blocks in the path to purchase. Our experts can better optimize the campaign with this information.

  • Step 4: Optimizations

Changing your strategy to achieve better results is mandatory. Being willing to take risks and try out new techniques is, in fact, crucial. Solution 22 continuously looks for methods to improve and expand upon what is successful while minimizing the impact of what is not.

  • Step 5: Reporting

Our PPC advertising firm delivers a comprehensive report on the campaign’s performance every month. Important data and trends can be monitored to influence our strategy moving forward. Besides, our account manager will meet with you each month to go over your stats and get your comments.

So why should you join us?

This is why our loyal clientele keeps coming back to us.

  • Industries Expertise

In addition to knowing how to rank for keywords related to your sector, our specialists are also familiar with the terrain and legislation that affect it.

  • Excellence in Operations

To guarantee a top-notch result, our PPC advertising company is constantly honing our in-house processes and systems with the help of innovative workflow software.

  • Reliable Service

With the information we provide, you can make as informed a strategic decision as you see fit.

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