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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Let’s be real, the majority of us searching for something on the internet don’t look any further than the first page. So it’s obvious that websites positioned on the first page of major search engines such as Google are the goal businesses strive for when trying to optimize their website.

Search Engines have a very specific and calculated algorithm to gather information about every single website to ensure they provide people with what they are looking for that’s why the top ranked websites are the ones you see on the first page as they are the most trustworthy websites on the internet. This can be achieved in a few ways :

  • Quality

    By offering something unique on your website via interesting content

  • Quantity

    Traffic (online) is good. It means more people are viewing your website which means more exposure. Search engines can calculate this thus boosting your websites ranking. So build a fan base, build pathways into Social Networks and Blogs. The more exposure the more traffic

  • Trust

    If your website has a lot of bad reviews or is easily applicable to viruses or spam, search engines will lower your websites ranking for good reason. No one wants a product if it is not trustworthy. Increasing your websites with links to highly authoritative websites, newspaper articles, industry links or sponsors will lead to success and sustainable search engine rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation means, making your website more visible on search engines.  We follow best practices and industry guidelines to ensure or SEO service brings you a reputed traffic with no funny business. Using this, we can help improve your rankings on search engines like Google to make your business be found

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a form of marketing that utilizes Social networking sites provided on the Internet as a tool in the grand scheme of business marketing. It works in the same way it always has and something we see everyday walking down the street. Whether it’s in a store or on a billboard. Just this time it’s all online. Users can produce content that can be shared via their social media websites to help increase brand exposure and product awareness to broaden their customer reach. 

At Solution 22, our team has got you convered. From beautiful presentations to social media strategies we’ve got the know-how to help increase your brand awareness through:

  • Regular Posts

    A great part of being visible involves being noticable. From amazing designs to articles, we create a variety of posts that capture your audience’s attention.

  • Engagement

    We will moderate and respond to messages and comments made on your behalf – so rest assured your customers are always attended to with the highest importance.

  • Advertising

    Based on the marketing strategy of your brand, we can help with eye catching advertisements to get the most reach with the highest possible value specific to your target audience.

This shift to SMM is the way of the future. With more people located online, the more exposure and direct contact with customers is allowed. SMM is very beneficial for business growth and understanding of customers’ needs and wants, improving communication via transmitting information electronically, permitting direct feedback between customer and company, this interactive process that social media platforms can only allow have a personable component giving potential customers the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns or discuss the product with each other. There’s this beautiful sense of community that can be noted with SMM where customers feel like they are being heard and companies are reaching more people providing them with a product they may need.


We have a few different options to choose from when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing. However Here are some of the features offered as part of this service.


Responsive and User Friendly

All or websites are fully responsive and mobile friendly. They work across browsers on multiple device types, ensuring that this enhances the mobile user experience. As a starting point this is a key point of focus that is an expected in today’s technological landscape.


Create your Google Presence

One of the first tasks with making a site visible on Google is letting Google know you’re there. So we help with creating and managing your Google Business Page, Google Analytics account and Google Search Console to get you started .


Brand Listing

The next key step is your Brand listing. Here we work to get your brand listed as the 1st in search for any searches on your brand.


Onsite & Offsite SEO

Through the next stages we work on optimising your website based on speed, markup, quality of web content, backlinks keywords and more. This is an ongoing process and constant changes are made on a regular basis to gradually but surely improve your business listing and build trust in your domain.



On an ongoing basis, we help with managing your social presence – through regular posts and links back to your website. This engages your customers and keeps your business and any offers and news easily accessible to them.

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